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Delaware Bible College - Who We Are

Get To Know Us

Delaware Bible College has developed out of a 14 year vision Pastor Jeff Wisot has had to offer training to people in a Bible College education. Its purpose is to help individuals who feel called of God to prepare them for greater personal ministry in Christian leadership.  It exists to serve other churches in the community and the world who seek higher biblical education and training for pastoral and missionary service.  It is part of the greater creative aspects of Life Community Church.

Our Purpose

Delaware Bible College believes that the Bible should be at the heart and core of all training and is the standard for evaluating all claims to knowledge.  The Bible, as the inspired Word of God, is instrumental in thoroughly equipping God’s servants for ministry.  This philosophy is reflected in the wide range of Bible and Theology courses DBC plans to offer.  DBC believes that the Bible is the only framework within which a consistent, effective, and productive worldview, lifestyle, and life of service to God and humanity can be maintained.

Our Mission

Equipping men and women for Christian ministry through Biblical education.

Our Vision

To develop people of character, educated in communicating God’s love and saving grace, equipped with the knowledge of how to live a Christian life.

Guiding Principles

  • Affirms the Bible as the foundation for life and the source of all creation and life’s purposes.
  • Values Christian excellence in all of life’s relationships and achievements.
  • Desires to incorporate in its students Christian character to live by.
  • Desires to train and equip its students to reach the world with the Gospel message that Jesus saves and changes lives through His matchless grace and mercy.

Vision Casting

The vision of DBC is to strengthen the body of Christ with effective leaders within Life Community Church and the community of churches surrounding it.  This would require a commitment of those who see this as a need for our church and community.  That commitment would be translated in the response of volunteers who would share in a vision to be a part of helping realize spiritual growth and knowledge in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.  After the captivity of Israel and when the Word of God was read to them by Ezra the people had deep respect and hunger to please God.

What Is Happening In The Church Today?

The church has always had times of great apostasy and backsliding. It is nothing new for this to happen. People tend to become easily distracted from commitment to God because of the temptation of sin.  Sin dulls the heart and mind to God.  When you read the book of Judges for example, there seems to be a cycle of apostasy.  The heart becomes cold because there is not the fervency to know God.  God is a perfect gentleman.  He will not force anyone to love Him, obey Him or serve Him.  Therefore it is up to men to seek Him.  If they do, He will be found.  Delaware Bible College is a level of commitment that requires a determination to seek God with all your heart, soul, and mind. There is nothing more rewarding than to study the Word of God in depth so that you may be able to answer the mockers and scoffers of this world.


  1. Uncompromising commitment to the mandates, principles and prohibitions of the Holy Scriptures.
  2. Unambiguous adherence to historic evangelical orthodoxy.
  3. Encouragement of academic freedom and critical thought.
  4. Student-focused Christian leadership committed to both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
  5. Purposeful Christian love and charity in the community and the world.
  6. Commitment to a spiritually consistent vibrant life that is reflected in the church and the community.
  7. Spiritual, ethical, moral and professional practices in every area of Delaware Bible College.