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Delaware Bible College FAQs


Who can attend?
Anyone who has completed high school or who has an equivalent GED and who completes the application requirements. You do not need to be a member of Life Community Church.

How do I apply?
Download, complete and submit our registration packet following the instructions in the packet. You may also contact the Bible College at (302) 738-6100 or email admin@delawarebiblecollege.com.

Where Are Classes Held?
All classes are held within Life Community Church located at 750 Otts Chapel Road, Newark, Delaware.

What nights are classes held?
The night of the week varies by class but generally they are held on a Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings.

Will there be any day classes?
We do not have any plans for offering day time classes.

How many sessions are there per class per week?
There are two sessions per class, per week.

How long are the class sessions?
Each class is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes long.

How many courses are offered?
We generally offer up to three different courses at any one time.

What are the courses presently offered?
Please see our courses offered or download our brochure.

How many weeks will each course consist of?
Approximately 12 – 14 weeks

How much does it cost?
Please download our brochure for fees and other info.

Who are the teachers?
Please see our faculty page for more information about our teachers.

What is the mission of DBC?
To train and equip men and women for Christian service within the church and towards the world.  The emphasis is to teach students effective:

  1. Spirituality – to lead students into a level of Christian maturity and spiritual growth
  2. Academics – to provide an understanding of the Bible as the foundation for Christian life and thought based on the College statement of faith
  3. Intellectual – to develop students how to think with God on issues of life with the foundation of the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit
  4. Professional – to produce graduates competent for Christian service to humanity in their areas of individual choices

Are courses offered by DBC accredited?
Accreditation is a very complex process. The answer at the present is no. The courses will be taught by those who have received accredited degrees from accredited institutions. DBC is pursuing the ability to eventually grant a degree. The state of Delaware has to approve us as a school and then the right to grant a degree. If we receive state approval to grant a degree, in order for that degree to be accredited, it requires a process of time with accurate record keeping and courses taught by an accredited faculty. Communication has been made with other Bible universities for accepting DBC credits into an accredited degree granting program. The potential exists for acceptance of DBC courses while completing an additional year of online courses for bachelor level degrees. DBC can’t offer degrees at this present time because it is in its infant stages of development.